Appointing someone for your big day, whether it be your wedding or your grand event, choosing a right person to capture those moments for you is very important. We can understand that someone who doesn’t belong from this niche, or someone as a new client can have many questions and queries regarding how wedding videgraphers function & how editing works. Below is the list of few frequently asked questions by potential clients. 

  • What do wedding videographers use to edit videos?

Wedding videographers tend to use a number of different pieces of video editing software to ensure their work is perfect for the client they are shooting for. They have often been trained or received schooling in their preferred video editing software, which you will find ranges from videographer to videographer. The most often used programs are those from the Adobe suite, this type of video editing software is generally quite expensive to gain access to and require a fair amount of prior knowledge to get a good finished product from. This is why many amateurs tend to look for less sophisticated programmes where the software is easier to use but the range of effects that can be produced are lower.

  • How can I edit my marriage video?

If you are looking for video editing software so that you can edit your own raw footage for your wedding video, the best video editing software will be something that is user friendly and that you can pick up quickly, so it may be best to stay away from difficult to learn professional programs that take years to properly master. There are some great mid-level apps and PC programmes available that are designed to be user friendly and make editing a breeze.

  • How much does wedding video editing cost?

The cost of wedding video editing varies hugely depending on your provider, the length of the footage and the level of editing requested. As a guide, the average wedding video in the states costs between $1200 and $1,500 for shooting on the day and editing afterwards. You may find that some videographers prefer to give you an hourly cost or work on a package cost system whereby you are charged for the amount of time they spend with you on the day and subsequently editing. It is worth taking a look at videographers in your area and getting at least three quotes to get a good idea about what they offer.

  • How do you make a wedding video at home?

There are a few different ways you can edit your wedding video at home. You could look into free applications for tablet and phone, resources online or purchase a video editing software license for a more professional feel. However, you may be surprised at how time consuming video editing can be, particularly if you have a certain style in mind, so it may be worth investing in a short video editing course to compliment your chosen program if you are really set on editing it yourself.

  • Which app is best for wedding video editing?

There are a few video editing apps that can be used to edit video footage at home, some of our favorites are: vidicrew, wedbox and wedding video maker. These are just a few we have tried and tested and are useful for cutting and trimming, adding music and simple effects. If you have more ambitious ideas in mind, consider looking into video editing software for PC, as the capabilities of working on a PC are generally better.

  • What is the best video editor for free?

One of the best video editors that you can find for free is Imovie by Apple. You will find this to be extremely user friendly with a surprising amount of features that you can get to grips with and produce an interesting and timeless wedding video to be treasured. If you are looking for video editing software for PC then try Windows movie maker which has similar, but in our opinion, more difficult to master capabilities.

  • Which video editing software is best?

It’s difficult to say what video editing software is best because each has different positives and negatives. Also, it depends hugely on what your existing skills are and what features you are looking for as to what will be the best piece of equipment for you. The Adobe suite is probably the choice of most professionals for its impressive range of video editing features but comes at a cost, as well as being difficult to pick up for the beginner. Imovie by Apple is a popular choice due to its ease and number of features available.

  • Why are wedding videographers so expensive?

Videographers can be seen as expensive due to the fact that videography and video editing takes time and is very labour intensive. A 90 minute long wedding video will likely have taken hours to plan, film and edit using professional equipment and editing software. The plus side is that should you decide to hire a videographer for your wedding day, you will have a great video full of lasting memories that you are sure to play over and over again.

  • What is the hourly rate for a video editor?

Hourly rates vary depending on your area, package choice and also experience of your chosen videographer. As a rough guide $30-$60 per hour for editing by a professional although very experienced top end editors command as much as $100 per hour to video edit.

  • How long should a wedding video be?

Wedding videos will vary in length depending on the package you choose with your videographer, for example, you may only have the ceremony filmed or you may choose to have the whole day filmed from getting ready all the way through to the end of the reception. The most popular length of video offered is around 90 minutes, this length ensures enough time to capture important parts of the ceremony such as the ceremony itself and speeches, as well as capturing the essence of the day and interactions between guests and the bridal party.

  • How do you make a wedding video on iMovie?

Using Imovie to edit your wedding video is one of the most user-friendly ways to do so. Make sure the app is downloaded on your device and upload your raw video clips into the app. We definitely suggest using an Ipad or larger for this as editing directly from your phone is no fun. Then it’s a case of cropping, adding music and effects to your liking, to produce a video you are happy with. There are a number of tutorials online that you can find that will help if you are stuck on difficult parts such as adding titles and music.

  • Is it worth it to have a videographer at your wedding?

Videographers are seen as a very worthwhile part of your wedding as they ensure that you have timeless footage of your big day that you can keep forever. Whilst the cost is off putting to some, time and time again newlyweds rave about the value they got from having a professional wedding video filmed. If cost is a barrier to you, explore other options such as having a student videographer film your day and editing yourself on one of the aforementioned apps.

  • Do wedding videographers give you raw footage?

Oftentimes, wedding videographers are not keen to let you have the raw footage much like a wedding photographer doesn’t like to send out the raw, unedited images to their customers. However, if you are after simply the raw footage and just want your day filmed using professional equipment, then it’s definitely worth speaking to local videographers and explaining your particular situation.

  • How much does raw footage cost for a wedding?

You may be able to speak to you wedding videographer and persuade them to let you have the raw footage of the wedding, but you may still find that the cost is not as low as you would like, due to the fact that the videographer will still have to be on hand to film and use their equipment on the day itself. As a rough guide, think about how long you would like the videographer to be around on the day and factor in time such as equipment set up and take down and find their hourly rate to calculate overall cost. The videographer is also handing over the ‘rights’ to the imagery they took so you can edit it so be sure to factor in extra for this also.

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